Sasquatch Sightings In Iowa

My Encounters

First Encounters – 1986ish

My first encounter that I’m aware of is when I was about 14 growing up in northeast Iowa.

After having rocks thrown at me (in the water in front of me) , hearing what I could only describe as a woman being murdered ¼ mile away downstream from my tent in the middle of the night and then finally approached from behind on another occasion while  alone fishing at dusk. This particular occasion I believe I smelled it or them when I arrived at dusk to fish for catfish as I had done on all the other encounters. Only this time I arrived alone..

I did not believe in Bigfoot then (1986-ish) and there was no internet. So I really had no idea what I was dealing with.. I told myself it had to be vagrants? It was the only thing I could come up with that even remotely made sense… even though there was no vagrants in my town..

Looking back now I realize how much your mind will make up excuses to explain things away that you don’t understand at the time.

So for years I struggled with what had happened and I began running into others who had similar encounters on the same river not more than a mile or 2 from where I had encounters…

I soon realized that this world was not the neat little package I was told and was taught in school…

Turns out its even far more amazing!!

Second Encounter – 2011

More recently while  investigating a recent sighting here in Iowa I managed to record what I believe to be a Bigfoot coming in to where my fellow investigator Steve and I were standing under the bridge prior, and then quickly fleeing to cover.

Steve had to leave shortly after dark and I followed him up above the bridge to turn my truck around in case I needed to get out of there quick. Steve was kind enough to leave me his recorder and we left it under the bridge in my chair beverage holder when we walked up above to the dead end road.

I just had my chair, fishing pole , tackle box, small cooler and chicken liver as bait sitting under the bridge. As I returned from turning my truck around and watching Steve drive away, I walked to the bridge a short distance away to go back down to my pole.

As I neared the bridge something broke a big log down in a log jam on the edge of the river. This log jam was about 30 feet from my chair and the recorder..

I was about 60 feet away and in plain line of sight of where the log was broken(it was dark and I had no fire so could not see that far). I have ZERO doubts this log was broken by force. There is no other way….you would have to see the log jam to understand I guess but as best I can tell this thing had been watching Steve and I and when we both went up and got in our vehicles I think it decided to get a closer look at the stuff we left behind, Or perhaps the chicken liver was on the menu?.. When I did not leave and suddenly re-appeared at the bridge it made a hasty retreat back up to the trees and in doing so busted one of those big logs on the way. It was either that or it purposefully broke that to scare me… I don’t know but let me tell you I was scared…

Not as much as I was about 10 minutes later when I had it in my flashlight about 30 feet away from where it broke the log..

First one eye… and as I squared the flashlight on the one eye it turned and looked with both eyes…

When I saw those eyes and realized how big the head of whatever I was looking at must be.. my heart literally skipped a beat…I was gripped with a fear I haven’t ever felt. I did however go back to the site 2 days later and spent 4 days… I can say for sure the eyes I saw were unlike any other eyes I’ve ever seen in my flashlight before. Having stood in the same place in daylight I can also say for sure that they were at least 6 foot off the ground..

Things get very real when you have a giant creature with what must have been a head that was 2 foot wide… I estimate the eyes at nearly a foot a part..

When you’ve never been to this place before… its in the middle of nowhere  at an abandon bridge on a dead end road by yourself with no fire…..and something is breaking big logs just on the other side of the river… a river that’s only about 1 foot deep… The fear is impossible to explain.